Performing In Front of Others & Overcoming Stage Fright – Part One

Classical Guitar n Stuff

I was having a chat yesterday afternoon, following a very successful performance at the joint Classical Guitar Society of Victoria (CGSV) and Austalian Bach Society Bach Guitar Festival, with some colleagues from the Classical Guitar Society of Victoria Guitar Orchestra about performance and stage fright.

More on that conversation and some of our collective thoughts and experiences on performing in front others later in the week. Today, and to ease you gently into the week, I thought I’d share with you an informative and rather funny wee video I found on TED (a non-profit organisation devoted to sharing knowledge, thoughts, experiences and ideas in technology, entertainment and design) this week.

This particular clip is from November 2013 and features a chap who took up writing and singing folk tunes and soon discovered he was petrified of performing for others. He had a rather interesting way of overcoming his stage fright…

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