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Mapping My Musical Twitterverse

To be clear, I don’t know feel like people who use Twitter are supposed to use it in any specific way, but I am aware of scholarship that suggests online networks do not reliably lead to exploration and communication between groups that do not normally interact with each other offline. To this end, I’ve seen the following question posed a number of times in my feed, “how often to you actually listen to the music made by the people you follow?”

My self-consciousness on this subject made me ripe for the influence of another source, which contributed enormously to my decision: Howard S. Becker’s tremendous book Art Worlds. Becker, a sociologist and jazz pianist, investigates the networks of intra-group activity that contribute to the production, distribution and evaluation of works of art. Becker proposes an understanding of aesthetics, which was very new to me and the way my education has portrayed this concept: aesthetics result from collective activity. Intrigued by the idea that aesthetics happen instead of disseminate from the persuasively communicated ideals, I began to wonder how I could put Becker’s view to the test with myself and my peer composers…..

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